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Drain Covers

The Eureka Anti-Entrapment Drain Cover

In June 1999, an Indiana girl was drowned when her hair was sucked into an open pipe that was used as a suction fitting in her local swimming pool. In many older pools, open pipes that reach across the deck and into the pool are used to meet the flow requirements of water features, like the water slide pictured at left. Open pipes and drains represent serious entrapment hazards.

Tragedies such as the Indiana case can be avoided with the proper use of anti-entrapment grates or covers. New pools can avert tragedy by including stainless steel suction niches that are properly rated to ensure a low flow rate that will not trap bathers below the surface.

Older pools frequently lack grates or anti-vortex covers on the main drains in the pool. Anti-vortex covers and grates are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Make sure that your facility is safe. Follow the guidelines below, and check your existing covers frequently.

For new construction, our custom-fabricated stainless steel suction niches and main drains are the appropriate alternative to open pipes.

  • When designing new pool construction, ensure that every pump has no less than two suction outlets each, without exception. Local health codes should be consulted to determine flow rates through each outlet.

  • Make certain that no drain in your pool is unprotected by either grates or anti-vortex covers. Retrofit covers for uncovered drains and inspect all covers regularly.

  • Some gratings and drains degrade and loosen when exposed to pool chemicals and/or U.V. radiation. Replace any weakened gratings immediately with chemical and U.V. resistant covers.

  • Acquaint yourself with local building and health codes, as well as the recommendations of the NSPI regarding pool drains. These guidelines are for general information only, and should not be used as a substitute for checking with your local health authorities

Our cover is approved by IAPMO to meet the standards required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017 (PA2021)).

Our stainless steel, unblockable drain covers enhance the safety main drains and sumps in swimming pools and feature gradually sloped sides and a solid top surface. These covers prevent many objects from being drawn into the line. Most importantly, they help ensure that swimmers do not become trapped below the pool's surface by the powerful suction generated by the recirculation system.


  • Standard sizes: 20" × 20", 26" × 26", 32" × 32", 44" × 44"

  • Fit over existing drains

  • Made of 12 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel

Our made-to-order anti-entrapment drain covers and grates provide protection to you and your patrons against bather entrapment. Each cover or grate is custom designed and sized to suit your pool. These covers and grates are suitable for new construction as well as retrofitting to existing main drains.

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