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Access Ramps

Custom Stainless Steel Access Ramps
Swimming Pool Access for Everyone!

Eureka Manufacturing Company's custom built stainless steel access ramps provide convenient access for physically impaired patrons of public swimming pool facilities.

Young, elderly, arthritic, and physically disabled individuals alike appreciate the relative ease with which they may use the pool and the increased sense of independence that our ramps can provide.

The ramp treads are composed of extruded glass fiber bearing bars. Resistant to pool chemicals, U.V. radiation, and corrosion, these bearing bars are well suited to the adverse conditions associated with swimming pools.

The framework and structural members of our ramps are constructed of low carbon type 304 stainless steel. .065" stainless steel handrails are formed of the same, high quality stainless steel.


Contact us for product specifications or to locate your nearest dealer!

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