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Balance Tanks

Custom-Built Steel Balance Tanks

The balancing tank shall be constructed of ASTM A36 carbon steel. Standard dished and flanged heads shall be fitted to each end. All welds shall be continuous and uniform. A standard 12 x 16 manhole complete with flange, steel cover, gasket, bolt and yoke, shall be located in the top head. All exterior surfaces to be coated with red oxide primer.

Tank lining shall be a Potable Water Epoxy and shall be applied to all wetted surfaces of the tank and tank penetrations in two successive coats. Twelve hours curing time shall be allowed between coats. The total thickness Shall be 8 to 12 mils. Finished lining shall be smooth, dust free and completely nontoxic. The lining shall be visually examined and spark tested for pinholes. All tanks shall be equipped with replaceable sacrificial anodes that protect the tank from corrosion caused by electrolysis.

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