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Perimeter Recirculation Systems

Stainless Steel Commercial Swimming Pool Gutters
Constantly clean and fresh recirculating water...

Our swimming pool perimeter recirculation systems, also called swimming pool gutters within the industry, are designed to remove contaminants from the water's surface while simultaneously returning clean, filtered water to the pool.


The effectiveness of the swimming pool’s recirculation system directly affects the health and safety of pool patrons, as well as the performance of athletes who compete in the pool.

Nearly 90% of all organic material, bacteria, dirt, and body oils accumulate within the first few inches of the pool’s surface. Therefore, it is extremely important that the swimming pool gutter system continuously skim these contaminants from the surface of the water.

Our stainless steel perimeter recirculation systems are designed to perform this task quickly and effectively by combining an overflow trough with an airtight supply tube. The overflow trough removes dirty water from the swimming pool, while the supply tube returns filtered and sanitized water. This efficient design eliminates buried perimeter piping.

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