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Main Drains, Sumps, and Suction Niches

New pools that incorporate water features, including play centers, water slides, or fountains must include suction niches that are engineered to meet their specific flow requirements. These fixtures often require special plumbing and have special flow requirements. Our suction niches can be made to meet the requirements of any water feature.

Eureka Manufacturing's made-to-order main drain and grate assemblies and suction niches not only ensure bather safety, they also install easily and precisely, saving contractors labor in the field.

Reduce Labor Costs

Eureka Manufacturing Company's made-to-order main drain and grate assemblies and suction niches help commercial swimming pool builders get each job done within budget and on time.

Pouring and forming concrete main drains force contractors to devote a significant amount of time and labor to each drain. In contrast, Eureka's main drain assemblies drop quickly into place and provide a positive, watertight seal.

The stainless steel construction resists the extremely harsh conditions in swimming pools that can lead to chipping and crumbling in concrete main drains. Resistant to U.V. radiation and pool chemicals, our grate assemblies are skid-resistant Duragrid extruded glass fiber reinforced with other options available. An assortment of accessories, such as hydrostatic relief valves and collector tubes are available upon request.

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